About Me: The Chic Educator

My name is Elle Jae.  I am a native of South Carolina.  My first and most important career is being a mother and an aunt to my wonderful son and my niece (daughter of my deceased sister).  Besides being a mom I am also an Early Childhood Education Practitioner.  I have taught for 9 years now and I do find it rewarding at times.

By God given talent I am an educator, by training and trade I am an early childhood educator, however, by traumatic experiences that has occurred in my life, I BELIEVE that I am a life educator.  I invite you to come along  on my journey to healing my brokenness.  I will be sharing the highs and lows of my journey, traveling back in time to share some traumatic events that has happened in my life and the healing process of those experiences.

I will also be sharing tools that are tangible and intangible to help you with self care. 


The Chic Educator 

Elle Jae