Hello everyone… this school year at Allendale-Fairfax Elementary School (Allendale, SC) we will be hosting clubs and I will be facilitating the Journaling Club…As a child who suffered from anxiety and depression, writing/journaling helped me to release what I couldn’t verbally articulate… I always had a journal or a diary 📔 as a kid … the goal for this club is to help and encourage students to express themselves through writing/journaling, with inferences on mental wellness and self awareness… the material on this list will help us make our time together a success! If you are interested in purchasing any item on our Amazon Wishlist click the link below or head over to my Instagram or Facebook pages and click the link in my bio (The Chic Educator on both social media outlets)… Thank you so much! #schoolyear2021_2022 #mentalawarenessinelementaryschool #mentalwellness #mentalhealth #writing #journaling #selfawareness #thechiceducator🍎

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